neo is the proud sponsor of the Irish Needle Exchange Forum

neo is proud to be one of the min sponsors for the newly formed Irish Needle Exchange forum.


The INEF encompasses strategies and interventions based on public health and human rights aimed at the reduction of negative consequences of drug use, including the transmission of infection, mortality and others. This includes HIV, hepatitis B and C, STIs, overdoses and other negative consequences of drug use.

Whilst Harm Reduction programs work with in a variety of situations, with a variety of substances, itís most high profile work is directly with injecting drug users (IDUís) that are not, for a variety of reasons, gaining access to the public health services. Harm reduction includes such components as outreach work, needle exchange programs and substitution therapy. Depending on local settings, a number of the components can be present.

One can come across an opinion that the activities of harm reduction programs can lead to an increase of drug using population. In fact harm reduction activities have been extensively evaluated and are the only proven effective means ( World Health Organisation) of preventing HIV epidemics among IDUís or controlling and reducing large IDU-related HIV epidemics.

Harm reduction and abstinence are both elements of a treatment and  support continuum  designed to provide individuals with the support they may required at any stage of their contact with services relating to their substance misuse.

The Irish needle exchange forum has the following aims

  • Identify and promote best practice in the development and delivery of needle exchange services Establish and maintain a communication network for members of the forum.
  • Provide expert advice from within Ireland and overseas on issues related to needle exchange and injecting drug use.
  • Promote and support links with relevant national and international organisations.
  • Influence policy-makers and partner agencies, in order to ensure that the philosophy of harm reduction remains central to public health policy.
  • Raise awareness and promote understanding of the role of needle exchange.

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