Neo trains 160 Pharmacists in Birmingham

Birmingham DAAT recently implemented neo needle exchange,supervised consumption and Nalaxone monitoring system.

140 pharmacies across Birmingham are using neo to monitor use of additional services and facilitate prompt paperless payment schedules.


Prior to the implementation of neo, 140 pharmacies were required to be trained in its use, to ensure they got the best out of the system, and to enable site managers to train the staff within their own pharmacies.

The training was project managed by neo staff and it was held at an external location, over 4 nights.

3 members of the training team from neo attended each session and pharmacists were invited to attend - being offered the choice of 4 dates.

The training was done by neo experts and feedback from the pharmacists was very positive.

Following the training Birmingham DAAT went ‘live’ and each pharmacist easily managed the transition from paper based management to quick and easy technology led monitoring.

This has resulted in quality data being available for the DAAT to examine. Examples include; how many of estimated problem drug users are receiving treatment and what are the trends. What substances problem drug users use and what priority. The numbers of problem drug users who are not known to treatment. They can also identify age categories, gender split, and which locations have the highest numbers of drug users. This facilitates clear identification of problem areas and allows for targeted activity to improve outcomes.

The system allows Birmingham DAAT to optimise community based interventions and offers information for future service design and commissioning.

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Monday 15th of November 2010 [Back to News List]